Maui is one of those special places that leaves you with a certain feeling of awe. Whether you’ve spent a lifetime on the island or you’re here for the very first time, there’s always those moments where it completely takes your breath away. It’s not just the sunsets or the perfect Tradewinds or even the whales — it’s a little bit of everything, and for those of us who are fortunate enough to experience it, we are incredibly blessed.

Sail Maui has been running sailing charters in those perfect trades for over twenty-five years, and we’ve had Don Prestage at the helm for the past four. The opportunity to live, work, and play here in Hawaii has been incredible, and even more so that we get to share the beauty of this place with all of our guests. We are grateful beyond measure that we’ve had the support of Maui locals and visitors alike these pasts few decades, and especially now as we continue to grow.

We’re so pleased to introduce the ‘Alihilani as the newest member of our fleet. With a new boat comes new adventures, new experiences, and friendly new faces as we add to our crew. To celebrate the occasion, we hosted a Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony traditionally called the lolo `ana i ka mokuLed by Ho’okipalani, Akua was asked to safeguard our ships and to guide them on the ocean. Paragon and Paragon II sailed alongside as we sang, toasted with champagne, and watched an incredible Maui sunset. It was a wonderful evening full of gratitude and aloha, and captured beautifully by No Ka Oi Media.   Check out the full video below.



This past week we ran our first charters on ‘Alihilani and we’re thrilled to report things have gone extremely well. We’ve switched things around a bit, and will continue to do so while we work out all the kinks, but we hope you all will be as stoked as we are on our new trips! Starting today, ‘Alihilani will be taking over our Lana’i Beach Picnic Sail, and is offering a new Saturday charter exploring the remote coast of Lana’i. In addition to our snorkeling day sails, we will also be featuring a nightly sunset tour as well as hosting private charters, the spacious 65′ Gold Coast sailing yacht is an amazing venue perfect for corporate events or weddings! For those loyal fans of Paragon, you can still enjoy performance sailing 7 days a week on our West Maui Snorkel and our Sunset Sail.



sailing alihilani maui sunset

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