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A Message to our Ohana

At Sail Maui we like to take a positive tone, and this pandemic is no exception. While what’s happening in our world is unnerving, we know it’s important to be… read more

Get Wet Sailing Review of Sail Maui

Have fun and get wet with sail maui When you join us for an afternoon sail aboard Paragon or Paragon II, there’s two things you’re likely to do above all else; have… read more

sail maui get wet sailing


What’s the difference? There are obvious differences between catamarans and monohulls. Most notably, a monohull vessel has only one hull, or main body, whereas a catamaran has two hulls. Because of these… read more

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Captain’s Choice

Let us be your guide. Looking for an exciting way to get out on the water and see the best that Maui has to offer? Join us on our newest trip,… read more

Sail on Paragon on Captain's Choice West Maui Sail

Sail Maui Eco-Tour

Ask anyone what is so enchanting about Maui, and they’d likely tell you it’s the majestic waterfalls, the lush green jungles, white sandy beaches, or the towering coconut palm trees…. read more

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