So you’re heading off on a tropical getaway to the island of Maui and you have no idea what to pack…

“Will it be hot in Maui? Will it get cold at night in Lahaina? Will it rain in Kihei? What shoes should I bring for the hike in Haiku?”

These are all great questions to ask when going somewhere new, so we’re here to help you remember some important things that you shouldn’t forget when traveling to Hawaii. 



  • Shoes – 

The main footwear worn in Hawaii is sandals (or slippers as the locals call them). These are easy to throw on and off when at the beach, don’t absorb as much water, and they aren’t as hot as shoes. 

* Pro Tip * It’s custom in Hawaii to remove your slippers or shoes when entering anyone’s house. 

It’s also great to bring a pair of athletic shoes if you plan on doing a lot of walking or hiking. If you are hiking, keep in mind a lot of the hikes in Hawaii involve rivers and waterfalls so shoes often get wet. 

  • Pants/Shirts/Jackets – 

Being a tropical climate, the average temperature is usually pretty warm all year. With that being said, everything is so green here because it also rains in some of the winter and spring months. Different parts of the island have completely different subclimates, so make sure to check where you are staying. Upcountry (higher elevation on the volcano) and North Shore rains a lot more than west facing shores like Kihei and Lahaina. The temperature on Maui can range anywhere from 65-88 degrees fahrenheit but the average temperature is around 70 degrees. We recommend packing light layers and bringing a light windbreaker or rain jacket if you do travel to a more wet area or come during a rainy month. If you plan on watching the sunrise in the crater of Haleakala, you’re going to want to pack some pants and a warm jacket!

Other Items you should pack;

  • Reef safe sunscreen! –

A new law will be in effect October 1st, 2022 that will ban the sale, distribution, and/or use of non mineral sunscreens. This means only mineral sunscreens that use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide will be allowed. This is a huge win for the safety of our reefs and ocean life. It’s important to protect your skin, but also important to protect our oceans. You can do both by only using reef safe sunscreen when entering the water. Here as a couple of brands we recommend below;

Red Gecko Clear Zinc Sunscreen 

Raw Elements

Raw Love

Mama Kuleana


  • Hat/Sunglasses –

Another way to protect your skin from the sun is by wearing good eyewear. Our favorite sunglasses are any kind with a polarized lens, it makes a huge difference when looking at the water! Don’t forget a hat for scalp and extra face protection.

  • Beach Equipment – (No need to bring)

Beach equipment like snorkel gear, floaties, and chairs can all be conveniently rented on island, so no need to stress about bringing anything like that! There are a ton of different rental shops for snorkel equipment like Snorkel Bobs. There are also local rental companies that can bring you anything from chairs and umbrellas to surfboards and stand up paddle boards! You don’t have to hassle with packing anything but the essentials. If you want to take an unforgettable snorkel or sailing trip while visiting Maui, we offer complimentary snorkel equipment, floatation devices, and everything you need to have a great day on the water. 

  • Reusable water bottle –

It’s easy to get dehydrated in this hot and tropical climate. You have to remember to stay hydrated! (Especially after having a couple mai tais on a sunset sail!) Instead of purchasing plastic water bottles, which are expensive and bad for the environment, you can bring your reusable water bottle for a better alternative all around! 


Other than that, just bring your bathing suit and aloha spirit. We hope this helps you with your packing and don’t forget to save room in your bag for all the souvenirs you bring back home with you!