Change is in the air


This year as we come to the “tail end” of whale season, we’re hopeful that some really positive change is in the air. Hawai’i is the first state to declare a Climate Emergency, officially acknowledging the crisis we collectively face.


Sometimes it feels like the endless summer on Maui, but our shifts are just more subtle than in some places. Longer days & fewer whale sightings remind us that our seasons are changing. Slight variations in temperature & rainfall, the presence or absence of wildlife, predominant wind & swell directions, and the flowering of certain trees or abundance of fruits can all point to specific times of the year.


Without observation or a connection to nature, these could easily go unnoticed. When we’re so accustomed to buying groceries from across the globe and paying more attention to our phones than what’s happening outside — a disruption of these natural shifts can seem abstract. Climate change can look like something that’s happening elsewhere, or lose an element of urgency when we don’t appreciate the necessity of stability within these cycles.


This monumental declaration is one that we hope all states will recognize as an import step to follow. According to @greenmatters, as part of Hawai’i’s resolution, the state is pledging “action that is rooted in equity, self-determination, culture, tradition, and the belief that people locally and around the world have the right to clean, healthy, and adequate air, water, land, food, education, and shelter”.


At Sail Maui we whole heartedly support these values, and encourage our customers to use their time on Maui to not only recharge, but for mindfulness and appreciation of our beautiful world. The best souvenir you can take from the islands is a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity for nature. Not just for coral reefs and palm trees, but for your own backyard.


As for the whales, we bid them Aloha! We’re happy to have them mark our seasons & remind us to have gratitude for what each one holds.


Photo credit: @bayday808