Captain Greg Thomas

You can find Greg aboard Paragon II

Greg ThomasWhere are you from?

Canandaigua, NY.

Tell us how you got to Maui?

By way of Newport Beach. I had a business opportunity with the Bartos starting Sail Maui doing what I loved so I kept moving west.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

My main objective has been to never grow up!

What do you love about sailing // working for Sail Maui?

It’s nature, In motion, pulling the boat along. It’s like magic. Mingling with the elements, it’s pretty fun.

Got any unique skills?

When I moved to Maui I missed skiing, and got real into windsurfing. Within a few years I won two national titles, the US and New Zealand. I entered into the PWA World Tour as a wildcard and I was accepted at the age of 60. That got me a lot of attention as what Windsurfing Magazine called the “oldest rookie ever”. I’m no longer competing, but I still windsurf.

What do you want our guests to get out of their trip?

A happy experience. I want them to be smiling when they step off the boat. I want them to enjoy a little bit of the peace that I get from this sailing thing.