Maggie Ensey

Maggie is crew on ‘Alihilani

Where are you from?

The great state of Texas!

Tell us how you got to Maui.

I came to Maui as a WOOFer (Willing Worker on Organic Farms). I got a gig on a dragon fruit farm with a 3 month long plan to stay for the summer. I completely fell in love with Maui, started surfing everyday, and it just felt like home.

What do you love about sailing / working for Sail Maui?

I love being on the water, learning about the wind, and being immersed in the natural elements. My favorite part is raising the sail. It’s been really cool to learn from the crew here, and I look forward to being able to understand all the dynamics at play.

Aside from sailing, what’s your passion?

My grandpa had a farm & I’ve always been really drawn to the land, which is what I brought me to Maui initially. At some point I’d like to study permaculture & regenerative farming practices, and I’m about to put in my own garden.

What do you want our guests to get out of their trip with us?

I’d like for people to leave with a greater appreciation for the ocean; to fall in love with it like I did. And I’d like to raise the awareness that trash still matters. It’s Full circle. Like, Hey! This exists! The ocean is alive! It wasn’t in my consciousness when I was landlocked, so being able to share it with people and to have an impact is really empowering.

Maggie Ensey
Maggie Ensey
Maggie Ensey