Britt Daniels, Crew

You can find Britt aboard ‘Alihilani

Britt DanielsWhere are you from?

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tell us how you got to Maui?

I always knew I wanted to live by the ocean. I studied marine biology and came out to Maui to work with a conservation oriented research company. The part I enjoyed the most was just being out on the water, so I stayed and started crewing on boats.

Do you have any goals?

I’m currently developing a non profit called Salty Blue Hope. I met a group of women in Malaysia who were stealing sea turtle eggs from poachers and started their own hatchery. They get their funding from selling hand woven baskets since their government doesn’t support their conservation efforts. My goal with Salty Blue Hope is to focus on women involved in ocean conservation and to raise money and awareness around the people that are under the radar doing these amazing things that have such little credit and support. I’m just at the beginning trying to gain traction but It’s definitely something I want to see through.

What do you love about sailing // working for Sail Maui?

Well obviously the people are pretty amazing. There’s something about being on a boat that makes me feel like it’s my place in the world, like I belong there, and It’s great to have a platform where I can discuss marine conservation.

Got any unique skills?

I’m a scuba diver and held the title for Miss Scuba 2018!

What do you want our guests to get out of their trip?

I recently had a girl reach out to tell me how much of an impact our trip had on her, and that she changed her major to study marine ecology after hearing my naturalist talk. That was pretty incredible. I’d really like to open people’s eyes to issues that matter, and that the ocean is amazing. And of course I’d like them to have a really good time!